A team of researchers from Malaysia and Libya recently investigated the effect of tocotrienols extracted from palm oil on mice liver cells and found that the transaction of Nrf2 is both dose-dependent and functionally relevant.

Palm oil contains abundant quantities of vitamin E compounds, which include tocopherols and tocotrienols. Further, these compounds have antioxidant effects, which protect cells from damage from toxic chemicals produced by metabolic processes. Although tocopherol is a widely known and researched compound, there remains much to learn about tocotrienols, according to the study.

Nrf2 is known to upregulate phase 2 drug metabolism in reaction to metabolic processes, according to the study. With this, the researchers analyzed the expression levels of genes influenced by Nrf2 and the translocation of the same factor into the cellular nucleus.

The research team hopes that these findings will lead to other remedies for a variety of diseases.

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