The North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) offers a view of the strongest pharmacy programs based on students’ scores.

The following schools listed in alphabetical order had a 100% pass rate on first-time attempts at last year’s exam:

Butler University (111 first-time attempts)
Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences hosts a 6-year PharmD program, with opportunities for an MBA or MS dual degree.

Jefferson University (82 first-time attempts)
Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Jefferson College of Pharmacy had an on-time graduation rate (within 4 years) of 88% for the Class of 2014.

Lebanese American University (2 first-time attempts)
Although the Lebanese American University is located in Lebanon, it an accredited American university operating under a charter from the state of New York, and it has a 6-year PharmD program.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University (38 first-time attempts)
This Weatherford, Oklahoma, pharmacy school was established in 1939. The Southwestern Oklahoma State University College of Pharmacy offers a PharmD/MBA dual degree, as well as a leadership development program.

Union University (46 first-time attempts)
Located in Jackson, Tennessee, Union University has a pharmacy school that emphasizes its Christian values, patient care, and small class sizes.

University of California, San Diego (54 first-time attempts)
The University of San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has a 4-year PharmD program, and its mission focuses on education, research, and service.

University of Houston (102 first-time attempts)
This Houston, Texas, pharmacy college will be moving to a new state-of-art academic and research home in fall 2017. The region and campus have a diverse population, according to University of Houston College of Pharmacy Dean F. Lamar Pritchard, PhD, RPh.

University of Pittsburgh (101 first-time attempts)
The University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy has around 72 full-time faculty members. It offers a unique Master of Science in Pharmacy Business Administration program through its pharmacy and graduate business schools.

University of Texas at Austin (115 first-time attempts)
The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy has both an Honor Code and an Honor’s College. According to its 2013 admissions report, the college received 872 applications but accepted only about 20% of those students.

University of Wyoming (42 first-time attempts)
This Laramie, Wyoming, pharmacy school was established in 1946 and has a 4-year Doctor of Pharmacy program. The school maintains it has small class sizes and a quality program at an affordable price.