Today, we’re celebrating the work of Linda Dumas, PharmD, a pharmacist and pharmacy manager at Publix in St. Augustine, Florida. Throughout her time working there, Dumas has garnered local praise for her work and has been voted best pharmacy in town on multiple occasions.

Dumas always greets patients with a smile and with genuine concern for their well-being, according to Maria Scognamiglio, RPhT. Occasionally, if a patient could not afford their prescription, Scognamiglio said Dumas has helped pay for it from her own pockets if she felt it was vital for the patient’s health.

Furthermore, Dumas takes a personal interest in the pharmacy staff members, putting in time and effort to ensure they’re trained.

“As someone who knew nothing about working in a pharmacy environment, Dr Dumas took me under her wing and helped train me to become a registered pharmacy technician,” Scognamiglio said in a message to Pharmacy Times®. “[She took] time after work to help teach me and always stressed the importance of our jobs. It wasn’t always easy, but she never gave up on me, and for that I will always be grateful to her.”

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