A Texas pharmacist noted something fishy about a patient’s prescription and called the police, who later arrested the customer after confirming he had photocopied his prescription. 
Stephen Tyler Havins, 32, had been visiting several pharmacies in the Brownwood, Texas, area with his fraudulent prescriptions, and he now faces multiple charges of prescription fraud, money laundering, and possession of a controlled substance, according to The Brownwood Bulletin.
A narcotics investigator named Aaron Taylor was called to the pharmacy on January 23, 2015, and waited for the suspect to return for his filled prescription. When Havins reappeared, Taylor was there to detain him.
According to The Brownwood Bulletin, Taylor also discovered 3 other pharmacies where Havins allegedly used the same prescription and obtained the medication, which was not identified. 
Police found more copies of the prescription in Havins’ car, as well as other filled prescriptions, weapons, and a large amount of money, according to The Brownwood Bulletin.
Havins remained in jail on January 26, 2015, on a $75,000 bond. His case remains open, as more charges may unfold.