Pharmacist Catches Fraudulent Prescriptions from Stolen Notepad

DECEMBER 04, 2014
Meghan Ross, Associate Editor
A man who stole a doctor’s notepad to write himself prescriptions is facing 52 charges, including identity theft and forgery, according to The Pottstown Mercury.

Donald Madsen, who previously had full access to a doctor’s office where he worked to remove snow, allegedly stole a doctor’s prescription notebook pad and wrote himself prescriptions for oxycodone, The Mercury reported.

Madsen entered a CVS November 19, 2014, and handed the pharmacist a prescription for oxycodone. The pharmacist found the prescription suspicious and told Madsen the pharmacy did not have the drug and to return that Friday, according to The Mercury.

The pharmacist then called the doctor whose name was on the prescription and discovered the doctor had not written it and had never attended to Madsen as a patient. However, it was reported that Madsen, who had obtained the notepad from the office when he worked there, had used the doctor’s notepad to pass 13 fraudulent prescriptions for oxycodone, according to The Mercury.
The 51-year-old returned to the CVS that Friday and tried to use the prescription again, but police were there waiting to arrest him, The Mercury reported.

Madsen claimed the pad “fell into his work supplies,” according to The Mercury, and when the police asked him if he wrote 13 fake prescriptions, Madsen said, “If that’s how many you have a record of.”

Police also found 14 prescription pads in Madsen’s truck, as well as papers with forged signatures, a receipt for oxycodone, and pill bottles.

Madsen is currently being held in a county prison.