FDA Approves Nasal Spray Treatment for Migraine

JANUARY 30, 2019
Krista Rossi
The FDA has approved sumatriptan nasal spray (Tosymra, Promius Pharma) for the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in adults.  

The nasal spray is formulated using a proprietary novel excipient known as Intravail to achieve blood levels similar to a 4-mg sumatriptan subcutaneous injection, resulting in rapid onset of action, according to Anil Namboodiripad, PhD, president of Promius Pharma.

Due to its formulation, the spray results in a rapid onset of action. Approximately 26% to 40% of migraine patients are not optimally controlled with their current treatment, according to independent research. A need for reliable and efficacious treatment options continues for patients who suffer from the debilitating and disruptive effects of migraine.

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