The FDA recently launched an interactive, mobile-friendly database that offers critical information about antiretrovirals (ARVs) eligible for purchase under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS relief (PEPFAR) program. The launch is an important step to address the global HIV epidemic, helping to modernize and improve access to information, and unleash the power of data, according to a statement by FDA Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn, MD.

Created in 2003, the PEPFAR program was designed to bring together various federal government agencies to fight the HIV epidemic. No matter where a patient resides, the program allows the individual to have access to low-cost, lifesaving treatment for HIV.

To implement the goals of the PEPFAR program, the FDA uses an expedited review process to approve lifesaving ARVs. The list of ARVs eligible for purchase in the PEPFAR program is publicly available on the FDA website.

With the move to the new digital database, health care providers, consumers, and procurers will be able to easily access more detailed material about ARVs, such as FDA-reviewed product labeling. The labeling feature provides additional material to patients and health care providers, such as the full prescribing information, which contains a summary of essential scientific information needed for safe and effective use of the drug.

In addition, the database provides information on which drugs are suitable for pediatric populations, where each drug is manufactured, its shelf-life, and if the drug is subject to any storage requirements.

Users will be able to export reports and collect metrics with the new interactive platform, as well as readily access the information on mobile platforms. The FDA anticipates that the database will be valuable to various public health stakeholders in the international HIV communities.


FDA launches mobile-friendly database with information on life-saving HIV drugs as part of ongoing mission to empower the public through increased access to information and data [news release]. Silver Spring, MD; FDA: January 29, 2020. Accessed February 5, 2020.