QS/1, a health care software solutions company, is partnering with Digital Pharmacist, Inc. to offer secure, HIPAA-compliant methods of patient communication through a variety of platforms.

According to a QS/1 press release, these platforms provide patients with an easy to use system that offers convenience for requesting and receiving information from the pharmacy. Patients utilize the platforms with their personal devices, such as smartphones.

Pharmacies can leverage these website and mobile applications that allow patients to submit refill requests directly to the pharmacy, as well as monitor the status of those requests, according to QS/1. The platform also will send refill reminders in an effort to help improve patient compliance.

“For years we have seen how the public is putting their cellphones and personal devices to work for them,” said Tabb Stringer, QS/1 Vice President, Product Management, in a prepared statement. “We think it’s important that pharmacies tap into this resource to better serve patients and improve their customer support.”

Through cloud-based technology, pharmacies utilize inbound refill services to accept refill requests and route them to be filled. Outbound messaging can also be used to notify patients in a HIPAA-compliant manner when their prescriptions have been filled and are ready for pick-up.

Stringer said the digital services go beyond improvement to efficiency. “These services allow pharmacy staff to focus on what is important, spending time and talking with patients to fully understand their health concerns and needs,” he said.

In a statement, Sahar Makhmoor, Vice President, Data & Integrations of Digital Pharmacist, said the platforms created through the partnership is a good example of how technology companies can work together to help pharmacies and patients.

“We have been testing the new integrated patient engagement platform for 3 months and are delighted with the positive feedback we have had from our pharmacies and their patients.” said Makhmoor.

To enroll in the new platforms, pharmacies must select a communications package with Digital Pharmacist. Packages and pricing information are available on the company’s website, digitalpharmacist.com.


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