A crowdsourced network of vetted medical couriers is working with pharmacies and patients in Texas to meet demand for delivery services. Prescription medications and other health care items, including vitamins and supplements, eyewear, and natural medicine, such as pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil, is being delivered in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area with service to homes and offices.

Utilizing proprietary technology and training, CourMed delivers items within a couple hours, or next-day delivery. Next-Day delivery is free to pharmacy patients, and costs pharmacies $7.50 per delivery.

An independent pharmacy in the DFW suburbs was the pilot for this next-day healthcare delivery. After experiencing success on both the pharmacy and patient side, CourMed extended its services to the greater DFW area.

Additionally, CourMed understands specialty pharmaceuticals, which often require urgent handling and are critical to get to the right place, at the right time. Under these conditions, CourMed ensures these expensive medications are delivered perfectly, according to the company.

Today, 4 of the top 5 specialty therapeutic categories are dispensed via community pharmacy or mail. Many of these products cost $10,000 or more. Working closely with prescribers, patients and distributors, pharmacies can better optimize their inventory and operating expenses through CourMed’s customized delivery methods.

“Our CourMed TRACKING technology allows pharmacies and customers to track a delivery via text messaging and all medical information remains confidential with our enterprise servers, encrypted software and cloud computing. Now, we can just get them what they need fast and in a secure manner,” said co-founder Derrick L. Miles.

Enterprise software also allows CourMed customers, including pharmacists, optometrists, and vitamin and supplement store owners, to keep patients informed on their delivery, as well as real-time video consultations. With CourMed technology, pharmacies are also covered with an easy way to access customer feedback and audit information.


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