Community Pharmacy Services Keep Customer Satisfaction High

AUGUST 28, 2016
Katie Eder, Director of Content
Customer satisfaction with drugstore chain, mass-merchandiser, supermarket, and mail-order pharmacies has improved across the board in the last year, according to the J.D. Power 2016 US Pharmacy Study released today.
Chain drugstores’ overall customer satisfaction scores improved from 842 points out of a possible 1000 in last year’s study to 863 on the same 1000-point scale in this year’s. Health Mart (898 points) scored slightly higher than Good Neighbor Pharmacy (896 points) to rank highest overall among brick-and-mortar chain drugstores, performing particularly well on the store, nonpharmacist staff, cost competitiveness, and pharmacist factors.

In the mass-merchandiser pharmacies category, Sam’s Club (883 points) nabbed the top spot, performing particularly well on nonpharmacist staff, pharmacist, and prescription ordering/pick-up process, though it was closely followed by Costco (880 points). After dropping in ratings from 830 points in 2014 to 822 in 2015, overall customer satisfaction scores for this category increased to 851 points in 2016.