October marks the beginning of American Pharmacists Month! Pharmacy Times will be celebrating pharmacists throughout the month of October to recognize their contributions to the health care field, especially in the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

For more on the value of the pharmacist, click here to visit our Pharmacy Heroes resource center and check back throughout the month for new posts that highlight the value of the pharmacist.

October also marks the start of our annual #ThankAPharmacist campaign, which recognizes pharmacists and pharmacy technicians through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for their dedication and commitment to improving patients’ lives.

Now in its sixth year, the Pharmacy Times® #ThankAPharmacist campaign honors pharmacy professionals who, this year, are serving their communities by being on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic. Colleagues, patients, friends and family members of outstanding pharmacists, pharmacy technicians or others in the field are encouraged to post their messages to pharmacy professionals on social media using #ThankAPharmacist or #APharmacistIs.

Here are the top 5 videos that highlight the value of the pharmacist in different health care settings:

5. The Value of a Local Pharmacist in a Patient’s Life
Caroline Bernal-Silva, a patient spokesperson for National Blood Clot Alliance, discusses the value of her pharmacist in her life, and how she still uses a pharmacist that she grew up with. Watch here.

4. The Value of a Pharmacist in LTC Health Care
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Tim Safley, MBA, the Program Director of Accreditation Commission for Health Care, on the value of a pharmacist in the LTC health care space. Watch here.

3. The Value of Accessibility of Pharmacists in Their Communities
Samir Balile, PharmD, the Clinical Pharmacy Program Manager of Giant Food, discusses the value of a pharmacist in their communities due to their accessibility when people need them most. Watch here.

2. The Value of the Pharmacist in Local Communities
Rich Tremonte, the Executive Vice President and President of Community & Specialty Pharmacy at AmerisourceBergen, discusses the importance of the pharmacist in local communities, such as his own while growing up in Philadelphia. Watch here.

1. The Value of a Pharmacist in Supporting Medication Safety 
Allison Hanson, PharmD, BCPS, 2019-2020 ISMP International Medication Safety Management Fellow, discusses the value of a pharmacist in supporting and implementing medication safety strategies. Watch here.