Advocacy Group Seeks Personal Injury Lawyers for People Injured by Pharmacy Errors

MARCH 05, 2019
The consumer advocacy group US Drug Watchdog is publicly seeking personal injury lawyers to assist people injured by pharmacy errors in the United States’ top 100 metro areas.

In a statement, the group said it conducted a half-year investigation into pharmacies dispensing prescriptions to the wrong people, and has found that a significant enough problem exists nationwide to warrant the action.

“The reason we are inviting top 100 US metro area local lawyers/law firms to assist with our pharmacy prescription errors consumer initiative on a metro specific basis is because in cases where the pharmacy error most frequently encountered in a big metro area, the ER visit or hospitalization occurred in a big metro area, and the victim will need a capable personal injury lawyer or law firm to assist them in the same metro area,” the group said, in a press release.

In addition to inviting personal injury lawyers to work with US Drug Watchdog, the group is warning consumers about possible severe adverse effects of medication errors at the pharmacy, including death, hospitalization, allergic reactions, and incompatibility with other medications or health conditions.

US Drug Watchdog’s initiative is national, but the group is focusing on major metro areas where they have coverage by local personal injury law firms. Targeted areas will include New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston,Dallas,Miami, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Detroit, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, Portland, Minneapolis, and Washington, DC; as well as other top 100 US metro areas.

In a note to consumers, US Drug Watchdog said they want to ensure that people who received the wrong prescription, especially those who were injured by the mistake, to be compensated. The group is requiring proof of an error, such as a sales receipt or the incorrect medication.

According to the group, an affiliate of America's Watchdog, its initiative is also focused on ensuring that consumers picking up medications at a pharmacy check to ensure what they are receiving is what was prescribed by their physician, or dentist.


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