10 Best-Selling Brand-Name Drugs in 2015

AUGUST 17, 2015
Allison Gilchrist, Associate Editor
The 10 best-selling brand-name drugs have generated $48.5 billion in sales this year through June 2015, IMS Health data revealed.
The gross sales from the following 10 drugs comprise 43% of the nearly $112.5 billion in total drug sales generated by the 100 best-selling drugs.
10. Lyrica (Pfizer) - $3.4 billion

This antiepileptic drug was first approved to treat patients with diabetic and postherpetic neuropathic pain. It has since been indicated as adjunctive therapy for adult epilepsy patients.
Lyrica is the sixth-most prescribed brand-name drug this year, with about 10.1 million prescriptions written.