Student Café: Building a Professional Network During a Pandemic

2020-11-03 19:08:00
Tags: student cafe,student voices,careers,HSE,coronavirus

Students at Midwestern University, Chicago College of Pharmacy—John Rubino, Hannah Noxon, and Amy Kallo—answered the question “Have you been able to build a professional pharmacy network during the pandemic?” The video is one part in the Pharmacy Times® Student Café series.


This is a partial transcript. View the video for the students' full responses.

John Rubino: It’s definitely been one of those areas that I feel has been affected pretty heavily because [those professionals] aren’t necessarily part of our Midwestern campus and they are not giving those office hours or presenting a live lecture. It is a little more difficult to interact with them.”

Hannah Noxon: “I worked in community pharmacy for 5 years, but now I work in a hospital setting as well. I’ve been able to interact with the new pharmacist that I work with and actually do medication reconciliation in the emergency department [ED]. I get to talk to the ED pharmacists, and the doctors and the nurses.”

Amy Kallo: “When I were to continuously show up for my shift [as a pharmacy intern at Northwestern Medicine] and prove that I am a health care worker and I am here to help [during a pandemic]…It definitely showed something to my pharmacy manager. Building that relationship with my pharmacy manager definitely helped me out if I were to pursue a residency with Northwestern Medicine.”