Reassuring Parents Who Are on the Fence About Vaccines

2019-04-02 21:19:00
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In this clip from the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners in New Orleans, Mary Koslap‐Petraco DNP, PNPPC‐BC, CPNP, FAANP of Stony Brook University School of Nursing and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner House Calls advises nurses to listen to concerned parents and assure them they want the best for their children.


We do need to listen first. When we’re dealing with parents who are, what I hope at most, are fence sitters. They have a lot of questions, they’ve heard a lot of things, but they are still willing to listen to the positive side of vaccination. So we need to listen and listen carefully to answer all those questions honestly. Remember, we know it’s about the science, but when we’re talking to parents, this is an emotional talk. So, we have to remember we need to start on an emotional level with parents. Find something that you can agree about with parents, say something right up front, “I know you want the best for your children, and I only want the same,” and then continue the discussion from there.