Managing Leadership Roles in Pharmacy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

2020-10-15 15:42:00
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In addition to caring for patients, leaders in pharmacy organizations have an opportunity to care for other employees, pharmacists, and technicians during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, said Sheila Bizune, PharmD, senior manager of operations fulfillment and distribution for Biologics by McKesson.

In an interview with Pharmacy Times, Bizune said taking care of employees during the pandemic has been a major shift, with the implementation of masks, daily temperature checks, and social distancing. Although she said they have always had adequate supplies of masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment, they are limiting the amounts that they can order.

Finally, Bizune said it is essential to support women in pharmacy leadership positions. Although women are graduating from pharmacy school at higher rates than their male counterparts, Bizune said there are much fewer women in leadership roles.

“We do need to be recognized in this field,” Bizune said. “I believe that it’s important because it breaks down these barriers, these perceived conceptions that only men can lead, when in fact we have the qualities and capabilities to lead teams just as well.”