Independent Corner: Compounding at Melrose Pharmacy

2019-09-01 02:00:00
Tags: compounding,independent corner,Retail

Community Pharmacy Consultant Bruce Kneeland and Theresa Dickinson, RPh, owner of Melrose Pharmacy in Phoenix, AZ, discusses compounding at the Melrose Pharmacy. 

Bruce Kneeland: So you’ve mentioned a little bit about compounding. Tell me a little bit about what you do in that area and how that works for you.

Theresa Dickinson, RPh: Sure. We do a lot of hormones; we also do some vet compounding, some pain—a little bit of pain. But mostly hormones is our big focus with the compounding. Besides compounding I do hormone consults, so I meet with women, talk about their hormone symptoms, and figure out what dosing they should be on. And then send it to their doctor, their doctor signs off on it, sends it back to us, and then we get the prescription filled for them. We also do some HIV meds, and also we have a weight loss program, too.