Independent Corner: Differentiating Your Pharmacy Through Compounded Medications

2019-07-09 15:42:00
Tags: compounding,independent corner,Retail

Community Pharmacy Consultant Bruce Kneeland speaks with Kevin DeMass, RPh, President of Apothecary Shoppe, Salt Lake City, UT, about specialized medicines and purchasing contracts.

Bruce Kneeland: Do you have any special circumstances or contracts or ability to purchase better? For example, are you a 340B entity?

Kevin DeMass, RPh: We are not a 340B entity at this time. Our hospital is not a 340B supplier. We have those in our valley, but we are not supplying 340B medication at this time. But we do have specialized contracts throughout the country where we can buy specialized medication that will meet the requirements for that patient.

Kneeland: And I'm assuming with your custom stuff you're talking about compounding as well?

DeMass: We do compounding, yes. If a patient needs a special formulation or a special flavor or a special dose, whatever they might need, we can get the drug for them and get that compound to them in the way that they want it.