High Quality Care Can Keep Independent Pharmacies Competitive
FEBRUARY 06, 2019
Our #ThankAPharmacist Twitter Contest Winner, Lee Golden, PharmD. Dr. Golden was nominated by his colleagues at TwelveStone Health in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where he works as the Chief Clinical Officer, with a passion for home infusion pharmacy. 

In this clip, Dr. Golden shares how his pharmacy is working toward innovative, high quality care with their new infusion center.

Lee Golden, PharmD: Looking for niches and new ways to provide pharmacy services, I think, is important. We’re in a day and age where there are a lot of large providers out there. I work for an independent pharmacy in middle Tennessee, and we’ve got to find ways to provide higher levels of service if we want to be competitors, if we want to continue to survive. Currently, we started a project where we’ve opened up an infusion center, an infusion suite. It’s a provider-based infusion suite. It’s not a pharmacy. We have this place located on site, kind of our mothership facility, and we bring patients in and they receive infusions there, in house, at this location. We have a physician, a medical director that oversees this, we have mid-levels and nurses that are on sight that are administering these drugs. That component is not a pharmacy, it’s brand new to us, but we use our pharmacy staffs, our pharmacists and technicians to support that area and to provide a higher level of service than some of the other providers that are out there doing those type of things today.