Do All Pharmacists Have the Same Personality?

DECEMBER 01, 2015
Pharmacists are not popular on TV. No hit series features the secret life of a pharmacist fighting crime. Perhaps the closest TV personality resembling a pharmacist is Walter White from “Breaking Bad,” but that’s not a great portrayal of our profession.
We’re not glamorous like physicians, and we aren’t honorable like nurses. Instead, we are type-casted as the boring pharmacist behind the counter. 
If a TV show had a pharmacist as the main character, what would be his or her personality? 
I once believed that the majority of pharmacists were type-A, anal-retentive, detailed-oriented, and grade-obsessed. Do you think all pharmacists have this personality?
Recently, I created the quiz “What Medication Personality Are You?” with the premise to determine what your personality would be if you were a medication.
The possible results were:
Testosterone: Leads without regrets
St. John’s wort: Interacts with everything
Synthroid: Supports a stable lifestyle
Warfarin: Ensures 100% accuracy
For those of you who have taken personality assessments before, this quiz was based on the DISC model:
Dominant (testosterone): Person places emphasis on accomplishing results. The bottom line is confidence.
Influential (St. John’s wort): Person places emphasis on influencing or persuading others.
Steadiness (Synthroid): Person places emphasis on cooperation, sincerity, and dependability.
Conscientious (warfarin): Person places emphasis on quality and accuracy, expertise, and competency.
More than 2000 pharmacy professionals completed the quiz. Here’s a summary of the major findings:
·      The majority (36%) were Synthroid (Steadiness).
·      30% were warfarin (Conscientious).
·      Only 12% were St. John’s wort (Influential).

Each question in this 10-question quiz asked participants to select one quality out of 4 that “best describes you.” Among individual questions, here are a few of the most common qualities:
·      Loyal (50%)
·      Enjoys routine (46%)
·      Detailed-oriented (42%)
·      Perfectionist (39%)
·      Analytical (36%)
Personality exams help us better understand how to communicate and work as a team. A St. John’s wort type will be persuasive when asking a coworker to perform a task, while a testosterone type will say something like “You need to do this now.”
When we understand the personality types of our coworkers, we have a better understanding of how to communicate and what motivates each person.
Can you guess your coworkers’ personality types? Send them this article to find out!

Alex Barker, PharmD
Alex Barker, PharmD
Alex Barker is the founder of The Happy PharmD, which helps pharmacists create an inspiring career, break free from the mundane "pill-flipping" life. He is a Full-time Pharmacist, Media Company founder, franchise owner, Business Coach, Speaker, and Author. He's also the Founder of Pharmacy School HQ, which helps students get into pharmacy school and become residents.