A pair of elderly health care professionals in Houston have been charged with peddling 1.6 million pain medications over a 3-year period.

Dr. Richard Arthur Evans, 70, and pharmacist David D. Devido, 76, allegedly worked together to deal out oxycodone and hydrocodone to patients without a documented indication, according to their indictment.

According to the Houston Chronicle, patients would pay Dr. Evans $200 to $240 in cash for their initial visit and then receive a prescription from Devido’s Briargrove Pharmacy via mail. Apparently, the pharmacist sent out prescriptions as far as Louisiana.

Patients were permitted to “renew” their supply every 30 days after sending another $200 to $240 money order to Dr. Evans for each "office visit."

Both men are charged with 1 count of consipiracy to distribute narcotics, 6 counts of distribution of controlled substances, and 8 counts of mail fraud. Devido also faces 4 counts of health care fraud, while Evans faces 5 counts of money laundering.