Suzanne Soliman, PharmD, founder of the Pharmacist Moms Group, explains the various ways in which pharmacist moms communicate within their community. This video was filmed at the 2019 Cardinal Health Retail Business Conference in Nashville.

Suzy Soliman, PharmD: There are a lot of methods of communication within the group, and some of the methods are just posting on Facebook and then other people will post, but then there's chats. We also have subgroups—so now we have, for example, a hospital group, we have an independent pharmacy group, we have an MTM group, we have a Mompreneur group for moms who have side businesses. So we have a lot of subgroups as well where they're able to communicate. We do have a dashboard as well on our website so that they can communicate through that as well, and we have chats. One of our biggest things that we have is the anonymous posting option, so if someone does have a question or concern, they're able to reach out to myself or another admin and we're able to communicate that question to the group at large and get them back an answer. So it's been really exciting.