Norris Turner, PharmD, PhD, vice president of Strategic Alliances and Measures at PQA discusses the uses of PQA's measures in Medicaid during the Pharmacy Quality Alliance Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD.


Norris Turner, PharmD, PhD:
Our measures are used across a number of different aspects in Medicaid. There’s a state use of our measures, where our measures are a part of the Medicaid adult core set, so that’s where measures get picked up by the state and you’ll have the state-level reporting. In some states, you have managed care organizations that have contracts within Medicaid, our measures are used in there as well. And then there’s other aspects of Medicaid that we actually don’t fully have visibility to that we’re learning more and more about, like demonstration programs that CMS has related to substance abuse disorder populations and also programs related to patients with mental illness, which are also parts of Medicaid that are more about demonstrations and trying to establish new areas of practice.