Lisa Hines, PharmD, vice president of Measurement and Operations at Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA), discusses PQA's new opioid measures and how they complement existing measures during the Pharmacy Quality Alliance Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD. 


Lisa Hines, PharmD: We're not just a measure developer, we're also an educator, a convener, and we're also researchers. So, we're really in it, not just for measure development. We're taking a multifaceted approach, for example at our leadership summit in the fall we trained 60 individuals on how to administer nalaxone, and we have 100 people signed up at our annual meeting today. We're really excited to have some outreach on focusing on how to prevent fatal overdoses, and also we're engaged in projects on how to taper opioids effectively, looking at unintended consequences, maybe there's access to care issues, and we're collaborating with many stakehodlers, including the National Academy of Medicine...and many member organizations.