David Pope, PharmD, CDE, chief innovation officer of OmniSYS, and John King, CEO of OmniSYS, discuss how they're tackling medication adherence concerns and how technology can provide a solution. This video was filmed at the 2019 NACDS Total Store Expo.

David Pope, PharmD, CDE: So much of what we do within pharmacy practice is engaging patients and ensuring that they're taking their medications. Not just that they're taking their medications, but they're taking it and they're taking the right medication. And so, our technologies specifically allow for that. First of all, with our Fusion app and Fusion product. Fusion allows the pharmacist to be able to engage their patients within their workflow, and so for example, we can improve adherence through text messaging. In fact, we have smart text messaging, allowing us to be able to virtually connect and engage with that patient. We also have IVR technology that allows us to be able to engage the patient in so many other ways, therefore improving adherence. On top of that, we have additional technologies now within the OmniSYS brands, such as Strand-Rx, that allows us to be able to determine if there is an adherence issue and how we can engage with them in a different way. You know it's not always because they just forgot to take the medication, it could also be because of other things such as unaffordability or an inability to reach the pharmacy because of a transportation issue. So, we leverage social determinants in many ways as well. So, it's certainly a global approach and it's a multifaceted area for us to be able to improve adherence through Fusion Rx.