As more and more brands of menstrual cups become available, and are discussed more in the media, including a recent viral Instagram post from Candace Cameron Bure in which she details her experience with the cups, it is becoming more likely you as a pharmacist will receive questions about them. 

On our own Instagram page, Pharmacy Times asked our followers if they had heard about menstrual cups at their pharmacy and if they were interested in learning more. Among those who responded to the poll, 63% said they would be interested in learning more about this feminine hygiene product, so we're answering your questions. 

In a recent interview conducted at the 2018 NACDS-TSE Expo with John Szustaczek, MBA, president of Ultumum Sales and Marketing Group, a company that recently launched their own menstrual cup, UltuCup, Szustaczek detailed what a menstrual cup is and how it works. 


John Szustaczek: A menstrual cup is a bell shaped silicone cup that is worn internally, in the vaginal canal, by women. It collects menstrual flow, rather than absorbing it. It allows women to have a greater sense of freedom and mobility. They can wear it for a much longer period than traditional menstrual care items.”

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