The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress 2019 will be taking place September 27 to October 1 in Barcelona, Spain, and Pharmacy Times® and Specialty Pharmacy Times® will be on location delivering coverage.

The congress brings together oncology clinicians, researchers, health care decision makers, patient advocates, and pharmaceutical industry stakeholders from around the world to learn about the latest advances in cancer care.

Throughout the conference, Pharmacy Times® and Specialty Pharmacy Times® will be providing real-time updates, featuring session recaps and video interviews with oncology experts on the latest research.

Here are some of the key sessions to watch for in our coverage:

Current markers in immunotherapy: This educational session will elaborate on the value of PD-L1 as a biomarker beyond lung cancers, the clonal evolution and its impact on immunotherapy, and targeting the microenvironment.

Updates on novel therapies in ovarian cancer: Results of immunotherapy trials, use of PARP inhibitors, and biomarkers for PARP response and/or resistance will be covered in this discussion on advancements in ovarian cancer treatment.

Individualized dosing of commonly used anti-cancer agents: In this session, experts will cover different drug-food interactions, drug-drug interactions (with a focus on acid-suppressive agents), therapeutic drug monitoring of tyrosine kinase inhibitors, pharmacogenomics guided adaptive dosing of fluoropyrimidines, and optimizing dosing of I-O agents.

Precision medicine in melanoma therapy: The session will cover prediction of toxicity and resistance in immunotherapy and targeted therapies in patients with melanoma, as well as how to determine the long-term responders to such treatments. 

Late-breaking abstracts: Watch for our coverage following late-breaking abstracts from the meeting. Highly-anticipated presentations will include data on PARP inhibitor niraparib (Zejula) in the PRIMA study, Amgen’s KRAS-targeting AMG 510 in lung cancer, and more.

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