In this clip, Steven Nissen, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic discusses some new data on anti-inflammatories and cardiovascular events that were presented this week at the European Society of Cardiology.

What do you believe will be the next breakthroughs in cardiovascular medicine?
Well there will be a trial presented at this meeting; the topline results have been announced in a press release. It's the use of a pure anti-inflammatory drug, known as canakinumab, and the trial is CANTOS. It's going to be presented by Paul Ridker, MD. Since the data are still embargoed, what I can say here is that the topline results are that the trial met its pre-specified endpoints.

But watch this space. Because here is a drug that doesn't lower low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, doesn't raise high-density lipoprotein, doesn't lower triglycerides, but based upon the press release, it reduces major cardiovascular events. A pure anti-inflammatory strategy. It's fascinating. For the pharmacists of the world, there are still a lot of things in development. A thing to kee your eye on is triglyceride lowering drugs ... I think that's one of the next frontiers, and of course the whole antiinflammatory drug story, remains to be played out.