In this clip, Jeffrey Lombardo, PharmD, who is the executive patient safety officer for UB’s patient safety organization Empire State Patient Safety Assurance Network, discusses the role of RTU products in pharmacy.

Jeffrey Lombardo, PharmD:

So new to the market are the ready to use, or ready to administer, chemotherapy products soon to come to market. Well, as pharmacists we’ve been using these agents in infectious disease and certain electrolyte replacements, and it really has been adapted as a recommendation by American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP), to reduce and minimize errors. This could be an alternative to use in a setting, community oncology or academic centers, to help with workflow and also to help with time efficiency and getting prepped for the patient a little bit quicker in a sterile environment. It’s unique how the manufacturing process and the sterility in a truly closed system, closed bag system, is utilized to administer the product.