Thomas Pierson, PharmD, MS, Manager, Specialty Clinics, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, discusses the importance of taking on challenges in ambulatory care pharmacy and utilizing the different strengths of care team members. This video was filmed at the 2019 American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Summer Meeting in Boston.

Thomas Pierson, PharmD, MS: I think pharmacists should take advantage of the opportunities presented to them. I think often we find issues within the health care setting that are presented as problems, and if they look at those as opportunities and try to implement stewardship in certain leadership practices within their day-to-day practice and within their teams, they’ll achieve better outcomes for their own departments, as well as for their patients.

I think that maximizing strengths is an important thing to focus on. Not everybody is strong in all areas. Where you’ll find the most success is developing teams of individual strengths that are different than your own, and how that team can work together to solve the problems that are presented to you and to your practice.