Using Technology to Free Up Time

DECEMBER 10, 2016
Colleen Hall
Health care systems that work on multiple total parenteral nutrition (TPN) preparations a day would likely benefit from a system that automates TPN production, according to a speaker at the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists 2016 Midyear Clinical Meeting. 

Dennis M. Killian, PharmD, PhD, who is Director of Pharmacy Services at Peninsula Regional Medical Center, led a talk at the Baxter booth about another layer of safety to compound parental nutrition doses, specifically as it relates to DoseEdge TPN.  

Dr. Killian noted that DoseEdge TPN manages the workflow for automated TPN production, including barcode scanning, workflow details, and verification.

He said that his experience demonstrates that "pharmacists generally enjoy the workflow," associated with the product, as it is enables them to "be up on the floor and checking items remotely."

Most importantly, he said, "if you have DoseEdge already in place, the ExactaMix 2400 Compounder can be implemented in an expedited timeframe."
Timesaving is key, Dr. Killian noted, as pharmacists are routinely being asked to do more with less in the hospital setting.

Hear more from Dr. Killian in this video