The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) has announced that Senior Director of Academic Affairs Cecilia M. Plaza, PharmD, PhD, is the first pharmacist chosen to participate in the ASAE Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP) as a Scholar for 2017-2019.

DELP assists in the career advancement of 12 individuals through an accelerated leadership program, mentoring, and volunteer service in the community. Plaza was chosen out of an applicant pool of over 70.

According to the AACP, Plaza is the director of the Center of Advancement of Pharmacy Education (CAPE). She emphasizes the importance of institutional research and the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.  She has dedicated her career to improving the quality of education among schools of pharmacy by focusing on the importance of pharmacists in advocating LGBTQ health, curricular mapping, and CAPE educational outcomes.  Plaza has also been an active member of the ASAE Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

In a new release about the announcement, Lucinda L. Maine, RPh, PhD, AACP executive vice president and CEO said: “Cecilia has emerged as a leader during her 11 years at AACP. Her contributions to pharmacy education and the profession, including CAPE Competency revisions and our Entrustable Professional Activities, will serve the profession and the public for years to come.  Recently, she has invested more of her time identifying colleagues in and out of pharmacy committed to working for health equity and to better inform health professionals and educators to enhance their ability to meet the needs of these diverse populations.”