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FDA Accepts BLA for Datopotamab Deruxtecan for the Treatment of NSCLC

February 20th 2024

Datopotamab deruxtecan is an investigational TROP2 directed antibody drug conjugate that showed positive survival impact compared to chemotherapy.

Chimeric antigen receptor CAR - car T-Cell therapy, CAR T-cell therapy is the use of genetically modified T cells that express a special protein called a chimeric antigen receptor 3d rendering - Image credit: catalin | stock.adobe.com
FDA Accepts Application, Grants Priority Review to Vorasidenib for IDH-Mutant Diffuse Glioma

February 20th 2024

Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) in the lung tissue – isometric view 3d illustration - Image credit: LASZLO | stock.adobe.com
Phase 3 EVOKE-01 Study in Metastatic NSCLC Falls Short of Primary Endpoint

February 20th 2024

3D image of white blood cells due to leukemia -- Image credit: SciePro | stock.adobe.com
Patients With CLL Present Heterogeneously

February 20th 2024

Phogomicrograph of fine needle aspiration (FNA) cytology of a pulmonary (lung) nodule showing adenocarcinoma | Image Credit: David A Litman - stock.adobe.com
FDA Approves Osimertinib With Chemotherapy for EGFRm NSCLC

February 19th 2024

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