With Data Aggregation, Where is the Specialty Pharmaceutical Space Lacking?

John Giannouris, vice president, Specialty Pharmacy Services, ValueCentric, discusses how data connectivity is crucial for the specialty pharmacy industry.

Giannouris: One of the areas that there’s [room] for growth and enhanced capabilities is the ability to more broadly link different sets of patient data.

What’s critical right now [for the] manufacturers we work with, they want to be able to track the patient journey. Any article you read they’re talking about the patient journey.

In the specialty pharmacy arena, it’s all about the patient and taking care of the patient. Manufacturers want to make sure that patients are getting the care they need from their different providers that are providing services to the patient for their product.

I think the ability to more tightly link different sets of data back to that same patient so you can further track the patient journey—not just from what happened at the specialty pharmacy or the pharmacy services hub, but was there something that was picked up during a lab test? Was there something picked up during a medical claim or an EMR?

So, the ability to tighten up the connectivity of patient data across a wide variety of patient data, I think there’s still room for growth there.

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