Why Is Disruption Crucial to Specialty Pharmacy Success?

Jonathan Ogurchak, PharmD, CSP, vice president of Business Operations at PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy, discusses the importance of disruption.

Ogurchak: Disruption is crucial for a lot of these new therapies that are coming out into the specialty pharmacy marketplace. It really requires the most specialized type of care that might not have been found previously with other types of therapies.

The ability to disrupt—the ability to find new ways to approach very similar sorts of conditions—gives specialty pharmacies, as a whole, a way to innovate and drive value. That’s why there’s conferences like Asembia, where it gives us the opportunity to get together and talk about these new ideas, find new ways of learning things to take back to our pharmacies to allow us to disrupt.

Had we not found new technologies, things like RFID and Bluetooth to allow them to put into practice for our patients, at PANTHERx, it really would have given us differences in how that overall patient experience was handled.

The more that we can disrupt, the more ways we can approach these patients, it’s only going to affect overall patient care at the end of the day.