What Strategies Should Specialty Pharmacies Use to Ensure Patient Satisfaction?


Jonathan Ogurchak, PharmD, CSP, vice president of Business Operations at PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy, discusses the best strategies to ensure patient satisfaction.

Ogurchak: As far as patient satisfaction goes, it’s really a culmination of everything that happens with the patient’s journey when they’re working with a specialty pharmacy. Obviously if they have a good experience… they want them to be satisfied, you’re hoping that it drives them to be more adherent, to have better outcomes for their therapies. Finding ways that you can engage patients on a regular basis to make that experience, make that journey a positive one for them are crucial. That’s step number 1. Step number 2 is to find a way outside your own type of validation to validate that. Using a third-party type of opportunity to validate and provide these surveys gives some credence to what that satisfaction journey is for this patient.

Of course I could always say we’re the best, but if there’s a way to benchmark that against your peers, a way to find out really what patients are looking for, it gives us the ability to improve our services because we can see what else is going on in the landscape of the industry and really validate whether or not that patient is satisfied with us, what can we do better, what can we do to constantly push the envelope and find new ways for patients to be engaged with us.

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