What Obstacles Surround Using Medical Marijuana for Specialty Conditions?


Ron Lanton III, Esq, president, True North Political Solutions, LLC, talks about using medical marijuana for the treatment of specialty conditions.

Lanton: Medical marijuana is another hot issue, as they say. A lot of specialty providers are getting into that and I understand why. There’s a lot of people that benefit from medical marijuana and a lot of states recognize that and are changing their laws. The problem is not with the state government, it’s with Congress.

Now, medical marijuana—or really marijuana—is still a schedule 1 [drug]. So, it is illegal. I think to really get over that hump and make it so that states do feel comfortable in making additional policies for medical marijuana, make sure that’s changed to a schedule 2. I know there’s a lot of medical marijuana or marijuana advocates in general talking about that change. I think that’s the first hurdle, but I don’t think that’s going to really stop any of the legislatures from passing laws to make sure that they can get access

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