What is the Most Rewarding Part of Being a Specialty Pharmacist?

Achilles Alon, PharmD, RPh, Director of Specialty Pharmacy, Co-owner of ACE-Rx Specialty Pharmacy, discusses what drove him to join the world of specialty pharmacy and the most rewarding part of it.

Alon: The nature of the therapeutic areas we work in—we work on things like Crohn’s disease, hep C, dermatology, psoriasis—these are pretty severe diseases, things that patients are really worried about and really affect their health pretty profoundly.

So, to be able to help patients get access to the drugs and to see their faces light up when we tell them their medication has been approved, to see an HCV patient be virus-free, and to tell our patients they’re free of their HCV, and the happiness that comes from that is probably the most rewarding thing about this type of pharmacy—not to say that treating patients with hypertension and diabetes is not a good thing, but the profound effect [specialty pharmacists] have their on their health makes it easy to go into work every day.

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