What Insights Can Patient Data Provide?

Christopher W. Kennedy, MSM, Chief Operating Officer, Heritage Biologics, discusses how data can translate to improvements in patient care.

RareCare is our platform for recording patient report outcome measures and quality of life metrics, and it was actually created out of demand from our physician base, right. So, in today’s market, often times clinicians, the physicians who prescribe the medications, aren’t in the loop unless they call and proactively get in the loop. So, we took the stance that we could provide immediate value back to physicians if we could provide them real time status updates to the clinical status of their patients. So, RareCare starts with quality of life metrics, right, and then it gets advanced through patient report outcome measures that can be customized through the physician’s request. Now this data, as we capture, we roll it up into a product called ‘collaboralytics’, so collaboration, and also patient experience metrics get added into that mix. So, at the end of this entire process, we actually have an analytics product, if you will. It provides insight to not only the physician, but to the payer, and to the manufacturer, and to the patient as well. So, we have access on an online portal.

These documents can be printed out as well, but it really gives a snapshot, as we call it, into the overall patient population, if you’re a physician and we’re managing the population for you, or granular down to the actual patient metrics. So, for example, patient Smith hasn’t been able to walk up a flight of stairs, but after being on IVIG therapy for 3 months, they can walk up 10 flights of stairs. So, we’re tracking those little nuances. On the flip side, we’re also able to capture sometimes when patients get off their therapies, and we use the term adherence or compliance in the industry. A lot of times that can be for something that’s unforeseen or that’s hard to understand, but maybe the patient lost a loved one. So, we’re capturing a lot of other information that traditionally did not get captured from a pharmacy stand point, and then we’re able to take action on it. I think that collective umbrella of wrapping up patients and really understanding who they are and how they are progressing through the health care continuum, have placed us in a leadership position to help share with us, and hopefully this will be of benefit to some of the listers out there.