What Can Specialty Pharmacies Learn from Other Businesses That Use Mobile Platforms?

Matt Gillin, Chief Executive Officer, Relay Network, speaks about takeaways specialty pharmacies can learn from other businesses in terms of customer communications, adoption, and behavior change.

Gillin: We believe specialty pharmacy companies are in a great position. First and foremost, they have high touch interactions with their patients, and we believe the first thing they can learn from other industries is to use that phone call, that high touch interaction, to establish a digital connection.

So, across every industry whether it be banking, home services, cable companies, electric companies, insurance companies, all of them use that personal interaction to establish a digital connection. In this way, you can see a 60% to 70% opt-in for a mobile digital channel. So, an inbound phone call or an outbound phone call yields a digital connection, that’s number 1.

Number 2, the thing that they can learn, is that there is a true opportunity to deliver a 1 to 1 experience, because my condition, just because I have the same disease as some other person, the details of my condition are very unique to me, and being able to deliver an end-in experience to me digitally and mobily that addresses that experience just for me, is the next thing that you can learn from other industries.

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