What are Some Upcoming Trends in the Specialty Pharmacy Landscape?

Rinku Patel, PharmD, RPh, CEO and founder of KloudScript, highlights emerging trends in the specialty pharmacy landscape.

Patel: It’s been an interesting conference so far. We have had a lot of talk about patient experience and improving that patient experience because of how specialty pharmacies have evolved over the last 10, 15, 20 years.

What’s really interesting to watch for now is that in order to improve that patient experience, our pharma partners—as well as payer partners—are recognizing the value of specialty at retail and being able to offer that patient a local, face-to-face alternative to perhaps a remote pharmacy that’s servicing them to improve their adherence, their engagement with the pharmacist so they could use their specialty medications in the right manner. Not only focus on specialty, but all of their medications.

You will continue to see a lot of uptake in the specialty at retail channel because, again, it offers an improved patient experience.

Then, there are very exciting technology developments that are helping pharmacists and helping pharmacies, as well as other stakeholders—like prescribers—better coordinate care for specialty patients.

I think those 2 things coming together simultaneously will definitely contribute to the improvement of patient experience.

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