What Advice Is There for Pharmacists Facing Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace?

Ethical dilemmas do surface from time to time in the pharmacy.

In this clip, Tim Stratton, PhD, BCPS, FAPhA, Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Minnesota, discusses some advice for pharmacists who may be facing an ethical dilemma in their business.


Any pharmacist who is facing an ethical dilemma at the practice site really should try to work through that dilemma in a systematic fashion. You’ve identified that a dilemma exists and so moving on trying to gather the facts behind the particular dilemma to try to evaluate the personal values, the professional values, the institutional value, that might be in play in that particular dilemma. Then go through different alternatives that might help you resolve that dilemma. Good idea to have a goal in mind as to what you’re trying to achieve in resolving the dilemma. Go through your alternatives and make a decision and then try to think about what objections might arise to the selection that you’re making. The best thing that a pharmacist can do in a practice site is talk the dilemma out with somebody that might be the pharmacist’s colleague, it might be a technician, it might be another member of the healthcare team, might be a pharmacy manager, but try to talk the dilemma out. But if you’re in those situations where you’re on your own, then you have to kind of rely on your personal upbringing and your professional training to work through the steps that I outlined to try to resolve the dilemma at hand.