Week in Review: More Time Outdoors Recently May Increase Tick Bite Incidence


Top news of the week from Pharmacy Times®.

Top news of the week from Pharmacy Times®.

5. Home Infusion Pharmacies Play Critical Role in COVID-19

Although many patients are benefiting from access to pharmacists in a variety of settings, the home infusion pharmacy arena is often overlooked, but this critical area of pharmacy care is an important piece of the health care puzzle during the pandemic. Read more.

4. The Role of Pharmacists in Diabetes Management During COVID-19

The knowledge and training of pharmacists provides them with the skills to educate and assist patients in managing their health as it relates to the coronavirus disease 2019, especially diabetes. Read more.

3. Women are The Majority of Pharmacy School Graduates, So Why is There Still a Gender Gap?

Although women comprise the majority of pharmacy school graduates, gender gaps still exist in pharmacy ownership, school deanships, and other leadership positions. Read more.

2. More Time Outdoors Recently May Increase Tick Bite Incidence

Experts warn that as more people are hiking and spending time outside during COVID-19 pandemic, they are seeing ticks and more often potentially bringing them home. Read more.

1. NACDS States That Pharmacies Are Crucial in the Deployment of an Eventual COVID-19 Vaccine

These pharmacists at chain and independent pharmacies also have a strong track record of supporting the country in times of critical health needs. Read here.

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