Walgreens to Eliminate Task-Based Metrics in Evaluation of Pharmacy Staff


Walgreens plans to focus on improving pharmacy staffing and retaining and rewarding current staff.

Walgreens has announced the elimination of all task-based metrics for retail pharmacy staff in performance reviews to enable the staff to practice at the top of their license and create a differentiated work environment to improve patient care and outcomes, the company announced in a press release.

“We’re proud to take a strong position in the industry with this measure, one we are taking due to feedback from our pharmacy team members and also as part of our commitment to pharmacy quality and patient care,” said Holly May, executive vice president and global chief human resources officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance, in the release. “We’ve continued to make investments to elevate the role of our pharmacists and to foster an environment that enables them to best care for our patients and customers. Coupled with other infrastructure enhancements and technology investments, this allows our pharmacy team members to do the work they love and engage with our patients and communities in the way they were trained.”

The new system for managing staff metrics accompanies Walgreens’ preparation for new areas of care for pharmacists, such as testing and treating routine illnesses.

Pharmacy teams will now be evaluated based solely on the behaviors that best support patient care and enhance the patient experience while staying in line with the company’s core values, according to Walgreens. The company said it is focusing on other investments to address pharmacy staffing and retaining and rewarding staff.

Some additional moves that Walgreens has made since August 2021 include:

  • Incremental investments of $190 million for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in fiscal year 2022, primarily in premium pay and bonuses and with additional investments of $265 million for pharmacy staff planned for fiscal year 2023.
  • An increased base pay for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as well as additional bonuses.
  • Improving the annual merit review process in fiscal year 2022 to provide compensation increases or lump sum payments for Walgreens pharmacists.
  • Investments in pharmacy and automation technology, such as 8 micro-fulfillment centers, which help to significantly decrease prescription fulfillment in stores and giving pharmacy staff more time to provide clinical services and patient consultations.


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