USP Survey Shows 9 Out of 10 Physicians Feel Their Trust in Medicine Supply Chain Has Eroded


Ronald T. Piervincenzi, CEO of US Pharmacopeia (USP), discusses recent survey data demonstrating 90% of physicians had experienced an erosion of trust in the US supply chain’s ability to deliver safe, quality medicines.

Pharmacy Times interviewed Ronald T. Piervincenzi, CEO of US Pharmacopeia (USP), on a recent USP survey that showed 9 out of 10 physicians feel their trust in the ability of the US supply chain to deliver safe, quality medicines has eroded.

During the interview, Piervincenzi addressed what this survey has brought to light in terms of the pandemic’s impact on health care professionals’ perception of the medicine supply chain, where this perception among health care professionals may have come from, and whether their lack of trust in the medicine supply chain is well-founded.

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