Ulcerative Colitis Patients May Benefit from Vinegar


Vinegar works to suppress inflammation-inducing proteins while improving the gut’s bacterial makeup.

Vinegar, the quintessential kitchen staple, has been proven beneficial for patients suffering from ulcerative colitis (UC).

Researchers have discovered vinegar works to suppress inflammation-inducing proteins while improving the gut’s bacterial makeup.

A new report in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry suggests that bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract are integral to good digestive health, and that since vinegar has long been used in traditional medicine, its potential as a treatment for UC is worth further investigation.

A team of scientists from the American Chemical Society (ACS) tested vinegar and its main ingredient, acetic acid, in mice models with UC.

The initial results showed that simply adding small amounts of vinegar to the mice’s drinking water significantly reduced UC symptoms. The preliminary study also revealed treatment with vinegar lowered the levels of proteins that stimulate potentially damaging inflammation in the gut.

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