Trending News Today: Woman Awarded $70 Million for Cancer Allegedly Caused by Baby Powder

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A recent analysis has found that insurance plan offerings vary greatly depending on where they are sold. On Affordable Care Act exchanges silver plans comprise two-thirds of all plans offered and cover 70% of services, but these plans only comprise one-third of plans offered off exchanges. There are much more bronze, gold, or platinum plans available to individuals buying plans off exchanges, according to Kaiser Health News.

The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently stopped insurance companies from automatically enrolling customers in Medicare Advantage plans once they turn 65-years-old, according to Kaiser Health News. Under the current rule, insurers may switch customers over if they do not opt out within 60 days from when a written notice is issued. However, some seniors and critics note that these notices can get lost among other mailings urging the individual to sign up for another company’s Medicare plan.

A woman was recently awarded more than $70 million dollars from a lawsuit alleging that the long-term use of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder had given her cancer. Additional lawsuits have been filed citing a link between the use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer, CNBC reported. However, the company plans to appeal the decision, and is standing behind their product.