Trending News Today: West Virginia to Expand Opioid Treatment for Medicaid Enrollees

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Iowa is currently waiting for the Trump administration to rule on a plan to abandon the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace for 2018, according to The New York Times. If approved, this plan would allow the state to drop the federally run marketplace, the subsidy system, and its focus on helping low-income individuals gain insurance. Iowa GOP leaders believe this plan would make 2018 premiums cheaper, while critics say that the plan would result in higher deductibles for middle-income individuals and undermine the ACA, according to the Times.

President Donald Trump recently said he will be signing an executive order regarding healthcare sometime this week, The Hill reported. Trump said that he is signing the order due to failed attempts to repeal the ACA. The order would allow small businesses and other groups to purchase insurance through association health plans, which do not adhere to ACA guidelines. However, exact details about the order and when it will be signed are still unclear, according to the article.

Yesterday, West Virginia officials announced that the Trump administration approved a request to expand Medicaid coverage for substance use disorders, according to The Hill. The state believes that the waiver will help combat drug misuse and opioid use disorders. Under the waiver, the government will fund more than 80% of the cost for Medicaid enrollees to receive treatment, including methadone, naloxone, peer recovery support, withdrawal management, and short-term residential services, according to the article.