Trending News Today: Survey: Many Americans Find Drug Prices Unreasonable, Support Regulation

Top news of the day from across the health care landscape.

A new Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that 79% of Americans think the cost of prescription drugs is unreasonable and many have trouble paying for their medications, NPR reported. According to the article, 63% of the 1440 adults surveyed in the nationwide poll indicated there needs to be more regulation to limit drug prices. Additionally, the majority of respondents showed support for a range of popular proposals aimed at lowering drug costs, including Medicare negotiations and requiring drug companies to include list prices in ads.

ImmunoGen announced that its experimental ovarian cancer drug failed to meet the main goal of a late-stage study, Reuters reported. According to the article, mirvetuximab soravtansine did not significantly prevent the disease from worsening compared with chemotherapy. However, ImmunoGen officials said they are also evaluating the drug in combination with other therapies, as well as developing other drugs for different forms of cancer, the article reported.

New data released by UNICEF found that global measles incidence increased by 48.4% between 2017 and 2018, CNN reported. According to the article, the data showed that 10 countries, including Brazil, the Philippines, and France, accounted for nearly three-quarters of the total increase in 2018. The agency noted that poor health infrastructure, low awareness, civil disorder, complacency, and backlash against vaccine were the primary causes for these recent outbreaks, the article reported.