Trending News Today: Suicide Rates Climbing Faster Among Women Than Men

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A new study published by the National Center for Health Statistics found that suicide rates among women are climbing faster than among men, according to NPR. NPR reported that, although the majority of suicide-related deaths currently are among boys and men, the number of girls and women taking their own lives is rising. The study found that the rates of death by suicide from 2000 to 2016 increased by 21% for boys and men and 50% for girls and women, the article reported.

On Wednesday, Eli Lilly & Co announced that its drug to treat lupus met the main goal of a mid-stage trial, Reuters reported. According to the article, 67% of patients in the trial on 4-mg dose of baricitinib showed a resolution of arthritis or rash compared with 53% on a placebo after 24 weeks of therapy. The upcoming 52-week lupus trial will evaluate both the 4-mg and 2-mg dose of the drug, which is also being tested for atopic dermatitis, the article reported.

A new report by the American Academy of Actuaries said that increases in health care costs and policy changes are driving Obamacare premium increases for the 2019 plan year, The Hill reported. According to the report, the elimination of the individual mandate penalty and the expansion of cheaper health plans with fewer benefits will contribute to premium increases next year. Alternatively, the Trump administration is expected to roll out changes this summer that would expand access to short-term, limited duration plans, and association health plans, the article reported.